Units 1-10 (Simple): Individual Speakers
Units 11-20 (Simple): Short announcements and news pieces
Units 21-30 (Simple): Dialogues
Units 31-40 (Advanced): Individual Speakers
Units 41-50 (Advanced): Short announcements and news pieces
Units 51-60 (Advanced): Dialogues

Each piece is played twice throughout.
Vocabulary is provided to the front and back of the workbook


Sample questions from pupils workbook:

1) Cén nuacht atá ag Seosamh?
2) Cá bhfuil an teach nua suite?
3) Cá mhéad seomra folctha atá sa teach?
4) Cá mhéad ar chaith sé ar an teach?
5) Cá mhéad seomra codlata atá i do theachsa? An bhfuil do sheomra féin agat?

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